Florida International University professor Jaime Canaves issued a challenge to students in his Materials & Methods of Construction class: Construct shoes that enable a person to walk across a campus lake – with minimum water contact. CGI Windows & Doors offered a $1,000 scholarship to the 2015 “Walk on Water” winner, supporting the program for the second year in a row.

“We were once again astounded by the creative genius shown by these students,” said Steven E. Dawson, vice president and general manager of CGI Windows & Doors. “It’s our job as members of the architectural community to do all we can to encourage their ingenuity and professional growth.”

“CGI’s generous support of our students is most appreciated,” said Brian Schriner, dean of the College of Architecture + The Arts at FIU. “This is yet another example of this company’s commitment to our community and its success.”

All students who successfully walked across Green Lake received an A in the class. The 2015 competition featured 50 students, with Daniel Tabet completing the walk first and claiming the CGI Windows & Doors scholarship.

The $1,000 scholarship is part of a $5,000 total scholarship amount donated by CGI Windows & Doors to the FIU Department of Architecture throughout the school year. Also included: $750 and $500 amounts awarded to the second- and third-place “Walk on Water” finishers, respectively; and $2,750 for other scholarships during the spring semester.

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