The Thanksgiving holiday that just passed is a uniquely American event to celebrate gratitude for our blessings. We thank God for the love of family, good health, food on the table, freedom, football and steady employment. Those of us in business should also remember to count our clients as a blessing. Expressing gratitude to our clients is part of earning their continued loyalty.

For me, Thanksgiving is the start of an entire season filled with a calendar of events devoted to showing clients gratitude and continuing to earn their loyalty.

• On Thanksgiving weekend, I reach out to past clients, thank them for their business, ask them if they are happy with us and find out what I can do to help them get ready for winter.
• During the Christmas season, I invite my clients to an open house at my showroom.
• Clients who can’t make it to my place get a visit from me wishing them a happy new year with a small token of my appreciation.
• At the start of winter, I call my major suppliers and ask if they have any values I can pass along to my past clients. Most of them can find something they would like to discount to keep busy or to clear out inventory.
• At the end of January, I send mail to over 10,000 past clients thanking them for selecting me… To show my appreciation, I provide mid-winter specials – just for them.

We should be grateful to our clients for selecting us. We should remember we are not their only choice. They have the right – the obligation as a good consumer – to consider all alternatives. When a client does select us we must be eternally grateful and not be afraid to show our appreciation.

I believe the best ways to show our appreciation to our loyal clients is to continue to follow the top ten ways we earned their loyalty in the first place. Remain being curious about them. Take time during winter to ask them how life is treating them. Be a good listener… Respond with honesty, fairness, respect and generosity. Show regret for any mistakes we’ve made. Find creative ways to remain their best resource. And always be truly grateful for their business. That is how to earn loyalty from a client…

Please remember to find time to count your blessings… and thank your clients for selecting you.

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