Solar Innovations Inc., recently received a patent for its adjustable door catch hardware design.

The adjustable door catch was designed for swing and pivot-style doors and provides accurate tension to slow, stop and hold a door panel. Solar Innovations Inc’s engineers designed the product specifically for use with custom specialty doors that often include panels too large for traditional door hardware.

According to the company, the design of the adjustable door catch allows it to be stronger than traditional fixed door catch hardware. Unlike a fixed catch, Solar’s adjustable door catch can release to relieve pressure, which protects the device from damage. Solar’s adjustable door catch design consists of three primary components: a “dented” catch side, a male side with female threads to receive a threaded tensioning mechanism, and an adjustment device to complete the assembly. The adjustable tensioning device is a single-piece assembly unit that allows both the door’s tolerance and tension to be adjusted. The adjustment piece is available in various lengths, tensions and guide systems to meet the engineering requirements of the specific weight, size and design of each door system.

The adjustable door catch decreases the amount of weight placed on the door’s hinges by acting as an additional point of contact and absorbing part of the load. Solar Innovations Inc.’s patented adjustable door catch can be integrated into a door during manufacturing and is also available as a standalone product. The company says the hardware can be retrofitted to almost any pre-existing commercial or residential door, regardless of the manufacturer.

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