The Saw Trax Scoop Dolly is a new tool for moving bulk items that pivots on the side of the dolly instead of trying to pivot the entire transport device.  The pivoting scoop mechanism allows for scoop1loads to be loaded and unloaded faster and easier, according to the company.  The degree of tilt on the Scoop Dolly can be varied by moving the scoop support posts forward or backward to keep the center of gravity of a very tall or short object over the dolly.

A kit with five wheels can be added to the dolly for movement over dock transitions and onto trucks of differing heights. This consists of two front and two back wheels that mount to the front side and back side of the dolly and one wheel that is centered under the dolly that allows the loaded dolly to breeze over loading dock transitions.

The inventor, Michael Della Polla, says the Saw Trax Scoop Dolly is safer than using a forklift because no one has to be on the end to stabilize objects while its being loaded. That eliminates the chance for severe injuries if the forklift driver’s foot were to slip off the brake while loading something into a truck. Besides being faster and safer, the company says it’s more productive and cheaper than using a forklift.  You can work faster than with a fork lift, and you don’t have the fuel costs or wear and tear on the forklift.

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