After enjoying almost two years of retirement bliss, Gary Delman is back at the helm as president and CEO of Sunrise Windows.

Gary Delman.
Gary Delman.

Delman, who has always owned an equity position in the company, had promoted Joseph Guarino to take over as president, which he did in December 2013. But when Guarino resigned a few weeks ago to pursue his passion for sales and marketing, Delman gave up retirement for his old role, which he’d originally assumed in January 1994.

And back he is, with a 5 a.m. wake-up time — and, he admits, “a little bit of reluctance in the beginning.“

“I did have mixed emotions,” he says. “I had a great two years away  from the day to day. I did the things I always wanted to do, from mentoring inner-city school kids to engaging in philanthropic pursuits.”

“From a purely selfish perspective I wasn’t certain I was ready to come back,” he adds. “But after two days of being here, I realized we have great people who I missed a lot, and I am glad to be back.”

Delman says there are a great deal of things to accomplish.

“We have a great team and we will continue to build Sunrise to be recognized as one of this industry’s leading suppliers,” he says.


  1. Welcome back Gary!!

  2. Gary,

    Best wishes to you for continued success.


    Terry Rex

  3. Welcome back to the helm and I am sure you are fully refreshed and anxious to do great things with your leadership in the best window company ” SUNRISE WINDOWS ”
    Ps. Retirement can be a little boring but enjoyable ! All my best to a good friend !

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