I have always been taught that you do not “fool” or “tinker” with the in-home selling system. Whether you use eight, ten or 12 steps, you follow the game plan to the letter.

Of course, there are some who say selling systems are too rigid or are not the best for the customer. We can have that conversation on a different day, but I do believe all of us have some sort of selling system or procedure we follow.

Regardless, I am seeing and hearing that the selling system is being altered. Steps are being combined, such as the warm-up and the walk-around, for example.

There are a variety reasons for this. With our fast-paced lifestyle where everything seems to be go-go-go, people don’t have the “disposable” time they had in years past, so a three- to four-hour presentation has turned into one- to two-hour presentation. Also, with more and more people traveling again, “one leggers,” where only one decision-maker is home, are becoming the norm, not the exception.

There are many home-improvement professionals reading this saying “No, no. please stop. This isn’t how we do things. We follow the system.” Many home-improvement professionals still need more time for a longer presentation, and many companies insist on having both decision-makers there.  The reasons are obvious — if you do not take time to differentiate, it comes down to price, not value. If you have the decisions-makers there, you only want to make the trip and go through the presentation once – this is for everyone’s time saving benefit.

Many companies that I have spoken with that did the four-hour presentation for decades have had to evolve with the fast-paced lifestyle of their customers and prospects.  Steps are being combined, the process is being streamlined, and there seem to be more and more presentations being done electronically with the window sample being used as the backup.

To tie this all up, I do believe you have to evolve with the times, but you need to do it smartly and carefully.  There may be new ways to present, but the fundamentals of selling are still the same.  Please share your comments below and let us know if and how your selling system has evolved.

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