The Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) has released the WDMA 2015 Window and Entry Door Pulse Report, a semi-annual summary report covering both U.S. construction activity and topline product shipment activity.

The Pulse Report projects a slight slowdown in 2015 residential new construction starts from earlier projections (1.07 million vs. 1.1 million), with most of this at the expense of single-family unit starts. Residential remodeling also shows a slight downturn of projected improvement to 6 percent over 2014 levels (down from an earlier predicted improvement of 7 percent).

The Pulse Report predicts a growth in residential windows, to 52.8 million units and similar growth in exterior entry doors, to 11.08 million units.

The residential construction market forecasts have been updated by Metrostudy and Virginia Tech with the most current data to reflect changes in the state of the economy and housing market following the release of the full 2015 Market Study. Movement of these indicators has been incorporated into a revision of the modeling and time series regression to provide updated window and entry door shipment forecasts aligned with current trends.

The report leverages market data and modeling to provide an update on activity, trends and forecasts without relying on the full surveys of industry participants as does the full WDMA 2015 Market Study released earlier in the year.


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