For all Win-door exhibitors who have something to say to the industry, we’re giving you the stage.

Exhibitors at the Canadian trade show, scheduled for November 3-5 in Toronto, will be offered a maximum 10-minute time slot on a centrally located stage to showcase their newest technologies, hot new products and outstanding services. This unique opportunity will allow you to stand out from the crowd and drive traffic back to your booth.

Presenters will have access to a screen, sound system, microphone and projector supplied by the show. You are asked to limit the use of video in favor of a verbal discussion of your company and products.

Presentation slots will be allocated by the Win-door Committee from a pool of applicants. To apply to make a presentation, visit the WinDoor website and dowload the application.

Don’t get lost in the crowd! You have invested heavily in your presence at Win-door and here is a FREE chance to promote your booth. Apply today!

Danielle LaBrie is the national advertising manager for Annex Business Media and a Win-Door Committee Volunteer.


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