So as we come into September—the busy season, the momentum-builder—all signs point to another great year. But as is typical in any year, something always happens to put doubt in our minds or in the minds of our customers.

This year, it’s the stock market.

The stock market has been somewhat of a “superball,” bouncing up high and then coming back down. In fact, the start of September had the stock market diving another 500 points.

How are we going to react to this uncertainty? How are we going to let this affect us? Because I’ve been through several of these during my career, I have to say that being optimistic is fairly easy this time around. I’m not sure if my optimism is because I remember how bad the last stock market downturn was and where our industry was as whole, or that just like to do my best to look at the glass half-full.

To me, this correction in the market doesn’t seem bad. It’s pretty natural, and with the different economic sectors, it seems that energy stocks are the ones suffering, not building products.

As I reflect on the last few years and how we have rebuilt our industry, I notice we’ve done things the right way. We have been optimistic yet cautious in our growth and hiring projections. Financing has opened up, but not to the degree it was before our recession. We’ve learned to do more with less and right-sized our industry and companies.

I don’t pretend to be an economist, but I do believe our industry has been built back up the right way. As long as we continue to keep our attitudes, we should easily weather any uncertainty.

This is busy season, and we’ll see another great year of growth and activity. I am looking forward to the same for 2016.

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