Guardian Industries offers two residential glass products that the company says will help customers meet and exceed energy-efficiency standards in North America while providing optimal views Guardian ClimaGuard IS Coating Diagramand comfort to a home. The two products, designed especially for Energy Star Version 6.0 Northern Zone criteria, are Guardian ClimaGuard 72/57 low-E glass with a high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC); and ClimaGuard IS 30 low-E glass, a fourth-surface coating to lower U-factor.

Energy Star Version 6.0 goes into effect in the Northern Zone on January 1, 2016. It requires Northern Zone windows to be at or below a 0.27 U-factor, or under alternate paths, meet a 0.28-0.30 U-factor with a minimum SHGC requirement.

Guardian ClimaGuard 72/57 glass was created for northern climates to take advantage of the sun’s natural light and heat. This low-E glass  incorporates a passive solar heat concept to let warm sunshine into the home as a heat source, while providing insulation against winter cold. ClimaGuard 72/57 glass has a low U-factor, a neutral color and high visible light transmission.

With a 0.57 center-of-glass SHGC on surface No. 3, the company says ClimaGuard 72/57 allows many windows to meet the new Energy Star Version 6.0 criteria without a major redesign and without a fourth-surface coating. Plus, ClimaGuard 72/57 glass can be used with the coating on surface No. 3 of an insulated glass unit to meet Northern Zone criteria or on surface No. 2 to meet North-Central criteria, Guardian says.

Guardian ClimaGuard IS 30 glass can be used with the coating on surface No. 4 of an insulated glass unit for an extra U-factor boost without changing window design. Adding ClimaGuard IS 30 to a window can decrease the U-factor by as much as 0.025 to help the window meet Energy Star requirements, the company says. ClimaGuard IS 30 glass looks similar to uncoated glass. Guardian also offers ClimaGuard IS 20 glass with a fourth-surface coating for windows that may need a bigger performance boost.

For windows that need a high SHGC and low U-factor performance, Guardian’s double-sided ClimaGuard HiLightR 723 glass combines ClimaGuard 72/57 (on surface No. 3) and ClimaGuard IS 30 (on surface No. 4).

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