The National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) interim CEO, Deb Callahan, is introducing and implementing the organization’s “new vision.” She took over the role after the previous CEO, Jim Benney, departed in July.

A New Vision

The former vision was, “The recognized leader in energy performance rating and certification programs for fenestration products.” The revised vision? NFRC is the leader in energy performance information, education, and certified ratings for fenestration products.”

“It’s a subtle change, but an important distinction,” Callahan says.

The revision comes as a response to the growing demand for context. According to the organization, the public and design professionals feel empowered to make more-informed choices once they realize that in addition to saving energy, fenestration products play an important role in improving occupant comfort, contributing to green building, and delivering many health and human performance benefits.

“We’re not straying from our mission. We’re enhancing it,” Callahan says. “Our new vision provides a framework that lends additional perspective to its importance.”

A More Nimble Organization

Another priority for Callahan is creating a more nimble and responsive organization.

She plans to accomplish this in part by implementing technology that allows people to access the information they need, when they want it, from wherever they are. She sees flexibility and offering more choices as the key to expanding the value of NFRC’s programs and driving further adoption of its fenestration energy performance rating programs.

“It’s not just business as usual,” she says. “We’re accelerating our growth, and that means moving faster and encouraging those around us to do the same.”

Serving Commercial Customers

Under Callahan, the NFRC will have a renewed commitment to serving the commercial market. She has been investing in market research and staff development to ensure the organization is providing solutions to real-world challenges and has plans to develop a knowledgeable, well-positioned, and energized staff to thoroughly explore, uncover, and serve the needs in this emerging market.

Lastly, the Branding

Callahan also views strengthening NFRC’s brand as a priority for clarifying the organization’s identity. According to a recent release, public and design professionals alike sometimes misunderstand the scope of the organization’s ratings programs. They mistakenly assume NFRC sells products, performs installation, or writes the building energy codes.

“Constantly improving the experience we provide for those we serve is the biggest part of who we are and how we operate,” Callahan says, adding she believes the best days are ahead.

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