Attention North American door and window manufacturers: Do you source and produce all (or most) of your products in North America? Then DWM wants to hear from you. Fotolia_79286624_Subscription_Monthly_M

Last October, our “Made in America” feature was hugely popular, and this year, we want to expand it to include the rest of the continent.

If you’ve found success by using North American suppliers, let us know about it!

E-mail DWM editor Trey Barrineau at to express your interest in this story and set up an interview. Thank you!

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  1. All of our 18 manufacturing facilities are located within the US, and we use domestic suppliers whenever possible. Our windows were recently certified by Made in USA Certified(R), an independent third-party certification agency, to contain 99% US content. We’ve achieved great success with our philosophy of dealing with North American suppliers. Generally speaking, we’ve benefited from better quality, better service, lower transportation costs, and better supplier relationships when we stay close to home. Also, generally speaking, the price difference between North American products and those that can be acquired from overseas is now so small that it’s insignificant. We’ve always been willing to pay a premium price for domestic products, but now we don’t have to!

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