Everyone has that familiar route they drive every day. Have you ever gotten to your destination and said, “How did I get here?” We all have. Our memory allows us to put certain unemotional things on remote control. When you do things over and over again, it’s really easy to put them on remote control.

This can work for you and against you. With a presentation, if you have done it a million times, you have it down perfectly. Or when it comes to defending something you believe in, you’ve heard every objection that comes up and know how to respond to each of them.

The challenge I’ve seen over the years is this: When we are so familiar with our presentations, we stop being creative. We start treating the presentation more as a task instead of an exciting event. We forget that this is the first time our customer/prospect has heard us. The challenge is our “down pat” presentations start to sound like everyone else’s when we simply go through the motions.

You might say, “But Tyson, we have a selling system, and I can’t change how I present it!” I’m not challenging the selling system, but how enthusiastically you present it.

If you have the ability to freelance more with your presentation, add some new pictures, update your references, put your presentation on a tablet and mix it up a bit. If it ain’t broke, it can at least be improved upon.

Thanks and great selling!

Tyson's Take

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