MGM Industries, based in Hendersonville, Tenn., has merged with Custom Window Systems in Ocala, Fla., according to MGM president Abe Gaskins. He says the Gaskins family will still be involved in the management of the company and will retain an equity position.

Gaskins says the process of finding a “potential suitor” started more than a year ago. “We went through the process last year and we did that to plan for the family estate,” he says. “We are in our late 50s, and if we waited another 10 years, it could have been a mess for the family.”

In that search for the right partner, MGM ultimately chose Custom Window Systems.

“We felt really comfortable with the management of Custom,” says Gaskins. “We also felt that the private equity group involved [Nautic Partners] had a style that fit with ours.”

Nautic Partners, a middle-market private equity firm that has managed over $3 billion of assets during its 29-year history, will serve as majority owners of Custom and MGM.

Gaskins also adds that all MGM salespeople will remain intact.

“Some of our products we can sell in Florida and will fit that market, and some of their lines will fit our market, so there will be great cross-pollination,” he says.

He adds that MGM’s Tennessee facility will remain in operation.

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