ProVia has finished the final phase of a facility expansion project that began in 2013 with the debut of its new Smart Conveyor System, which the company says has doubled the rate of production for its entry doors.

The system utilizes RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips placed on each door carrier, which identifies that door and automatically shuttles it via an overhead track conveyor system to assembly stations.

The Smart Conveyor System also facilitates quality control by minimizing human handling of doors, which holds the potential for accidents like scratches and denting. The system also provides ergonomic advantages for ProVia employees who no longer have to lift and transport doors manually.

“Our goal with this project is to fulfill our commitment of fast delivery time to our customers,” says Keith Yutzy, ProVia’s vice president of operations, in a statement. “With our Smart Conveyor System we can continue to deliver on this promise, while providing the high-quality custom doors ProVia is known for. We are poised to support ProVia’s ongoing sales growth, now and into the future.”

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