Andersen Corp. wants the public to know it’s making an all-out stride for sustainability.

The company released its corporate sustainability report (CSR), named Window to a Better World, that “highlights the long-standing values, commitments and practices that connect Andersen’s heritage while looking forward to continued success along the sustainability journey,” a company release reads.

“Our 2014 Sustainability Report shows how our ultimate goal is to not simply do less bad; it’s to do more good for people and the environment – now and in the future,” says Jay Lund, chairman, president and CEO. “Working toward this shared aspiration helps our company mitigate risk, capitalize on new opportunities and sustain our business for the long term. We believe embracing sustainability is simply smart business.”

The 2014 CSR shows the company’s specific steps toward a better planet, including its signing of the Ceres Climate Declaration.

The report also highlights Andersen’s public sustainability goals that further commit the company to action and continued progress within its operations. Specifically, the new goals are to reduce solid waste, energy and water use by 20 percent per unit of production by 2020, using 2013 as a baseline.

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