Groupe Eugenie, a Quebec-based manufacturer and importer of door and door jamb machinery, hosted a grand opening for its new showroom and offices near Montreal on Friday.

Groupe Eugenie president Richard Chauvette prepares to cut the ribbon at his company's new headquarters near Montreal.
Groupe Eugenie president Richard Chauvette prepares to cut the ribbon at his company’s new headquarters near Montreal.

The company, which was founded just five years ago, has experienced explosive growth recently, says president Richard Chauvette. He launched JRC Machinery, the distribution side of Groupe Eugenie, in a partnership with his son Jonathan. (The name JRC is a combination of their initials.)

“We’ve grown a lot, so we decided to have an office that’s just for a showroom,” Richard said. “It’s very important to have a place to tell the customers to come in and see the machinery because we import a lot of machinery from Italy, Germany, France and Turkey. So here, in Montreal, it’s now possible to do that.”

The 10,000-square-foot facility houses samples of the company’s door and window equipment. It also features sleek, modern offices with all-glass walls.

“We wanted the place to have a feel of a real showroom, so machines are on display,” said Stephane Labelle, the marketing and business development  manager for Groupe Eugenie. “We also have more functional offices. It’s a pretty big step for us, because the whole group was made up of different companies and we used to have two different locations – one for maintenance and one for everything else. Now that we have more products that we distribute and more products that we also manufacture, it was not even a choice. We have more and more orders for our machines, so we needed to make space to build more Eugenie machines.”

The modern offices feature all-glass walls.
The modern offices feature all-glass walls.

Groupe Eugenie is composed of six companies — Eugenie Canada, which manufactures machinery; JRC Machinery, a worldwide distributor; Techno-Pro Expert, which handles

The showroom displays a wide array of the company's products.
The showroom displays a wide array of the company’s products.

maintenance for industrial machinery;  Eugenie Technologie, which designs machinery; Libra Integration, which develops software; and L’Engrenage, which is the company’s charitable arm.

Amber Grayson, a U.S.-based sales representative for Groupe Eugenie, said the company’s growth has been dramatic considering its relatively short time in business.

“It’s very impressive,” she said. “They worked many, many hours. In the beginning it was difficult, because there was no advertising. No one in the U.S. had actually heard of JRC Machinery or Eugenie. This new showroom is a huge step, and sales in the U.S. are soaring.”

More than 100 people turned out for the grand opening, including several local politicians and members of the media. Food and beverages were provided, and Marycee, an up-and-coming DJ in Montreal, pumped out energetic dance music during the three-hour event.

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