Masonite International Corporation introduces a new Exterior Decorative Glass collection. Along with aesthetics, the company says the line meets a range of customer needs, including those who MAS Decorative Glass low reswant privacy textured glass.

“Our first focus is always performance, and design second. These new glass designs combine the best of both: ample options for improved safety, energy efficiency and privacy as well as aesthetics to complement the door and style of the house,” says Kelly Kuethe, exterior glass product manager for Masonite.

The nine glass designs are the result of extensive qualitative and quantitative research into consumer design preferences, according to the company.

The new line, which comprises Flora Crest, Chelsea, Marco, Rozet, Sonnet, Optimus, Tanglewood, Dutchess and Frontier, uses design elements such as wrought iron and textured glass to achieve Craftsman, traditional, contemporary and other architectural styles.

The decorative glass collection is available on most of Masonite’s entry doors, including Belleville fiberglass and HD Steel product lines. All of the glass styles can be ordered to satisfy Energy-Star requirements. A new and extensive line of integrated mini blinds is also available.

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