In my previous blog post in my “Camelot” series a couple of weeks ago, I illustrated how your Facebook for Business page can act as the queen of your social media efforts. Last week, I showed how grateful I am to Facebook for helping bring customers to my company. In this post, I point out how important it is to use all social media tools to crusade  for your business. 

YouTube, Houzz, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and More…

Our virtual-world queen (our Facebook for Business page) and her crusaders act the same as knights, troubadours, court jesters, artists, poets and sculptors in ancient Camelot… They entertain, extol and convert target customers into followers and real-world customers.

Although these crusaders can work well on their own, our queen can give them the power to spread the word to more people… Our Facebook for Business page can tell the real people in the virtual world about a new video on our YouTube Channel or about a photo album we posted on Houzz… We can even pay Facebook to have the queen’s message reach more people with the demographics of our target customers.

“It is all too confusing,” you say.

“I don’t need that,” you add.

“All this technology is just baloney,” you finish.

You are entitled to your opinion… However, you may be wrong to ignore the virtual world.  While you sleep, your target customer is learning about, being entertained by, sharing, liking and – perhaps – buying from another business that is willing to learn and invest in a kingdom called Camelot…

Heed My Warning!

Mighty businesses with buildings of strong brick will fall to those with only castles in the air… Beware of the virtual king, queen, their court of crusaders and kingdom of Camelot. While their virtual castle builds additions to accommodate more customers, your virtual kingdom with a leaky roof, broken doors and leaky windows is vacant and collapsing…

This virtual world is much bigger than the entire “real” world we could ever see with our own eyes during the course of our entire life on Earth… It defies the reality of time and space, and it never sleeps. All of our present and future clients are there…  We MUST be there, too, if we intend to survive as a business.

When you build a kingdom in the World Wide Web with a magnificent castle, a generous king, a devoted queen and worthy crusaders, you will have a healthier business in the real word.

Here are some resources to help make your kingdom come to life:

YouTube for business:

Twitter for business:

Using Houzz to market your business:

Pinterest for business:

To see these ideas in action, check out some of Milanese Remodeling’s social media sites:

Company website:

Google Plus:

YouTube channel:

Facebook page:




And if you want to get started with a YouTube ad, here’s a great place to start.


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