The specification regarding water-resistant seals used in renovations is getting a renovation of its own.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has updated and released a document specifying performance requirements for liquid applied flashing used to provide seals around exterior wall openings in buildings that includes doors and windows. The spec, named AAMA 714-15, was previously updated in 2011 and again in 2012.

In this iteration, the minimum requirements for adhesive bond and accelerated aging were defined. The reporting requirements were updated, and the use of mortar slabs was replaced by anodized aluminum strips for water immersion testing.

According to James Katsaros, chair of the AAMA Flashing Task Group, this revised document provides rigorous material specification requirements for a new class of flashing products used in the building industry.

“These ‘Liquid Applied Flashings’ have many advantages over traditional flashing products, including ultimate conformability for complex geometries and the potential for vapor permeability,” Katsaros says. “But, they still must demonstrate the durability and gap bridging properties of conventional flashing materials. The AAMA 714-15 specification ensures that these property requirements are met for the successful use of these products.”

The specification can be purchased here.

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