Yesterday, I got a nice “Thank You” note from Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

I was very flattered. After all, Mark and I hardly know each other.

Mark and Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, wrote to tell me what an exciting time it is in our world.

They thanked me for giving them business and advertising on Facebook last year, and they showed me examples of some of their other clients who succeeded by partnering with them.

It turns out more than a million other business owners like myself also got a “Thank You” note from Mark and Sheryl.

I did something unexpected, however. I wrote back.

In fact, I wrote the longest blog post ever. To read it all, please go to my Facebook page.

When you’re there, you’ll see my activities and wonder why I think the social media site is so valuable for a business.

Notice how I talk “with” instead of “at” both existing clients and future clients there.

So you are very welcome, Mark and Sheryl. This is indeed an exciting time for our world.

Here’s an excerpt from my reply to Mark and Sheryl on Facebook:

… for business, this new technology opens the door to a virtual world where we all reside, and it opens new windows of opportunity for businesspeople to see their clients in a new way.

For our clients, “window shopping” is now a completely different experience, too.

Where they once shopped the windows of the shops on Main Street, they are now just as likely to shop online. Shopkeepers must wonder, “Is there anything that WON’T be purchased online?”

The answer is, “Of course there is!” The personal touch of shopkeepers, who care and stay in touch with their clients and their worlds, is still an important, precious commodity.

Facebook allows that type of relationship to still exist in the virtual world that spins alongside our real world.

In a very short time, you’ve made it so that the world of business already depends upon the ability to stay connected with our clients and friends on Facebook.

I, for one, did not realize how much I would enjoy sharing my work and experiences with others on your site.

Facebook has become an important part of my business life … And it has, no doubt, improved the profits of my business. In fact, I can’t think of a business that wouldn’t benefit from an active page that engages their existing and potential clients the way Facebook can.

Facebook advertising is really a great opportunity! I am so glad you gave us the ability to enjoy this kind of relationship with our community.

For that, I thank you, Mark.

Your vision of a way for strangers to become friends in a virtual world is another revolution. A peaceful, friendly one that is again shrinking the world and allowing humanity to evolve. And a revolution that is good for business! I am thankful to be a business at this time in world history and to participate in the Facebook revolution.

So thank you both very much, Sheryl & Mark!


Mark Milanese, Owner

Milanese Remodeling

Next week: Back to Camelot!

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