According to Glassdoor, Power Home Remodeling Group’s executives are good ones to work for.

Co-CEOs and partners, Corey Schiller and Asher Raphael, have been named the Highest Rated CEOs by jobs and careers marketplace.

Among CEOs recognized in the U.S. at large companies, Schiller and Raphael received a 91 percent approval rating based on the anonymous and voluntary reviews that Power’s employees shared on Glassdoor throughout the past year.

“This particular ranking means a lot to us as we strive to create a company that our employees are proud to work for,” Schiller says. “We are committed to maintaining a great culture and making Power one of the greatest places to work, where every single employee has access to our leadership team to help guide both their personal and professional development.”

CEO approval ratings are gathered through Glassdoor’s online company review survey, which seeks to gauge current and former employee sentiment about job and company satisfaction, the work environment and the culture.

“Gaining the trust and approval of an entire workforce is one of the most difficult tasks for a CEO to undertake,” says Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman. “I celebrate the leaders appearing on this list because they’ve managed to inspire and engage their employees, as proven by the feedback shared on Glassdoor around the clock and around the world.”

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