In my previous blog post, I used the kingdom of Camelot as an analogy for the Internet presence of your business. In the virtual world, your website is your castle and the site content is king. The queen of your virtual kingdom on the Internet is your “Facebook for Business page”… 

Behind every great king is an even greater queen.

The queen, historically, has in her best interest to improve her castle and ensure her king becomes more powerful.

  • She manages the castle’s social calendar.
  • She invites visitors to the castle.
  • She holds events and offers entertainment.
  • She uses art and words to depict her king, their castle, herself and the kingdom of Camelot as the finest in all of the land.
  • And she shares the accolades with the world.

She enlists knights in shining armor, poets and troubadours to crusade in search of good citizens, scattered far and wide, who don’t know about the ways of Camelot. They are on a crusade to convince the lords and ladies all across the land to swear their loyalty to the kingdom and travel to Camelot to pay homage.

Yes, the queen of your kingdom is on Facebook…

For those of you who are confused, let me tell you: Facebook is not for kids or dating anymore. There are more than 30 million Americans in my target demographic on Facebook today – women, 50+, homeowners, households worth more than $150,000. And when I say today, I mean morning, noon and night… every day… 365 days a year, without a day off for holidays, vacations or even sickness.

If your business does not already have a Facebook for Business page, you are missing out on the opportunity to engage with your target customer, to brand your business and to increase awareness of your goods and services.

In our virtual world, our queen shares the news about our Camelot business. She personalizes who we are and what we do. She tells all the lords and ladies about our causes, our events, our employees, our new offerings.  Perhaps most importantly, she directs the king’s “Crusaders” to help our kingdom become more powerful by converting more into loyal citizens of Camelot – real, loyal customers of our real-world business.

Look for my next blog post, Thank You, Mark!

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