Harvey Building Products is participating in Employee Well-Being Month in June 2015. The initiative, originally known as National Employee Wellness Month is now in its seventh year, and helps business leaders across the world learn new ways to engage employees in healthy habits and lifestyles while celebrating their successes.

One way Harvey’s doing that is through its “Healthy Choices, Healthy Lives” wellness program,  introduced to employees in 2011, which includes wellness motivators such as a fitness tracking program, health club and fitness reimbursements, smoking cessation reimbursement and a newly instituted tobacco-free premium differential for health insurance.

“When we decided to implement a wellness program for our employees, we knew it had to be comprehensive and diverse to address the many different facets of our employees’ lives,” says president, Jim Barreira. “In addition to the more popular programs like activity tracking and smoking cessation, we also provide financial education workshops and have an employee assistance program to address other stressful work-life balance challenges that our employees might face. With less stress and more healthy habits, our employees are happier and more focused on their jobs. Everyone becomes more productive and it’s a true win-win.”

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