The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is inviting individuals to nominate candidate technologies for the 2016 Energy Star Emerging Technology Award. The deadline to submit nominations is June 19, 2015.

According to Energy Star, the award was created to raise the profile of innovative technologies that may not yet meet key principles associated with the program (such as being widely available, cost-effective), but have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions once they are more widely adopted.

To be eligible, technologies must be:

  • Commercially available, but not widely adopted (less than 5 percent market share);
  • Offered by more than one supplier;
  • Likely to significantly reduce greenhouse gases from the residential or commercial sector at competitive costs;
  • Capable of delivering superior environmental performance, as demonstrated by independent third-party organizations;
  • Environmentally acceptable (technology use is a net plus for the environment);
  • Supported by capable partners with adequate financing and established business records; and
  • Well matched to EPA/Energy Star competencies and appropriate roles.

According to an EPA release, there is no restriction on who may provide feedback or submit a nomination; however, nominations submitted by manufacturers must be accompanied by laboratory and/or field performance data.

Nominations should be sent to


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