Adam Farver has been elected to lead Pella Corp.’s board of directors. He succeeds his father, Charles Farver, who has served in similar roles since 1992.

“Pella Corporation is indebted to Charlie, who will continue to serve on the board as director and chair emeritus, for his 36 years and counting of service and leadership,” said Pat Meyer, president and CEO of Pella Corporation, in a statement. “Adam’s election as chairman of the board is a testament to the family’s steadfast stewardship and guidance.”

“It is an honor and privilege to serve our enterprise in this capacity,” said Adam Farver in a statement. “I’m proud to be the fifth chairman of Pella Corporation, and it’s especially meaningful for me to be elected in our 90th year of operation. Our company is strong and growing profitably, thanks to our exceptional team. My goal as chairman is simple: to carry on the legacy that our family built over the last 90 years.”

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