Did you see that advertisement in last month’s Sports Illustrated about MI Windows?

That may seem like an odd statement to make about a window manufacturer—but it’s relevant.

The company took out a half-page advertisement in the April 13, 2015 issue letting consumers know they may be owed money.

Here's part of the advertisement that MIWD ran in Sports Illustrated.
Here’s part of the advertisement that MIWD ran in Sports Illustrated.

“If you own or owned property with windows made by MI Windows, you may qualify for benefits from a class action settlement,” the ad reads.

The fact that the company is being hit with a class action lawsuit isn’t news by any means (DWM first reported on this story in 2012). But taking out advertisements inviting lawsuits is something new entirely.

According to a March press release, the company stated, “News about the case’s settlement will be thoroughly communicated in a well-ordered timeline.”

Part of that includes a website that invites former customers to “File your Claim Now.” In addition, more detailed information regarding the settlement will be mailed to “class members, including builders, distributors and homeowners that purchased MIWD windows during the 5-to-15-year time period in question.

“Throughout this process, MI Windows and Doors has done its best to address the concerns of the class without disrupting our primary objective of providing ‘Best in Class’ windows and doors to our valued customers,” the release reads. “We will continue to provide updates as the settlement progresses and encourage you to contact your territory sales representative or any member of MI Windows and Doors’ leadership team should you have additional questions or concerns.”

According to the advertisement, the earliest deadline to file a claim is October 26, 2015. A hearing to consider whether to approve the settlement of no more than $9,045,000 for attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses and incentive awards for the class representatives of $5,000 will be held on June 30, 2015.

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