Stiles Machinery, which makes manufacturing equipment for the door and window industry – and many other industries as well — is marking its 50th anniversary in business this year.

Stiles’ equipment is used to make exterior fenestration products from wood, PVC and CPVC, composites, cellulosic composites, MDF, aluminum, fiberglass and other materials.

The company says partnerships have shaped the business into what it is today.

“Our customers and vendors are pioneers in their industries, ready to redefine what’s possible for the processes they use and the products they make,” said Steve Waltman, Stiles’ vice president, in a statement. “Our leaders, including former president Peter Kleinschmidt and our current president Christian Vollmers, have been expansive in their vision and firm in their conviction that customer success is our business. And our people – hundreds of Stiles professionals with deep understanding of high-quality production and devotion to our customers – have never failed to keep everybody up and running.”

Stiles Machinery was founded in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1965 as a division of Web Stiles Inc. In 1975, Kleinschmidt bought the company on behalf of London-based Lohmann International Trading Group. In 1992, Stiles merged with Holzma U.S.

In 2009, Weeke North America was established as a joint venture between Stiles and Weeke Maschinenbau of the Homag Group AG. Located in Germany, the Homag Group is the world’s largest producer of manufacturing machinery. In 2014, the Homag Group acquired full ownership of Stiles.

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