Some good news came out of Washington last week when the House passed S.535, an energy-saving bill that is compatible with the president’s position on energy and climate-change issues. All it needs now is his signature.

As I wrote in previous blogs, the S.535 bill contains some of the key components of the larger bill S. 720, including the Tenant Star program.

In summary, Tenant Star is good for us because it will inspire building owners to improve the energy efficiency of commercial and multifamily buildings. Additionally, modified appraisal rules and energy-efficient upgrades would be taken into consideration, ultimately increasing a homebuyer’s financing potential. Again, this has potential to influence homeowners’ view of making investments in replacing windows and doors. (It’s worth noting that the basis for the evaluations is ENEGY STAR® performance levels).

The larger S. 720 bill is also expected to go to vote in the near future. Both bills will be a great test of the president’s willingness to cooperate with Congress and advance some of these energy-saving initiatives that will have such a great impact on our industry.

The View from Here is that we are finally seeing some momentum from federal lawmakers and have reasons to be optimistic that programs such as Tenant Star will see the light of day.

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