World Millwork Alliance (WMA) members gathered in Houston this week to tour three diverse millworking facilities, but they also got a special surprise – the unveiling of the industry organization’s new website.

The URL – – is live now, though not all aspects of the site are functional. Its launch is part of a rebranding effort for the 50-year-old organization, which changed its name from the Association of Millwork Distributors last year.

The World Millwork Alliance's new website is now live.
The World Millwork Alliance’s new website is now live.

The new website has a fresher, more modern look than the old, but the big changes are all under the hood.

“It’s an exciting, robust, interactive website,” said Victoria Marasco of V2G Interactive of Austin, Texas, the firm that designed it. “There are going to be many features for members as far as connections and being able to network, and a central place for moving forward.”

Members will be able to set up their own profile pages, which will help them connect with others in the industry, Marasco said. Members can upload photos of products that can be tagged for easy searches. Company logos and profile pictures can also be added to profile pages. Additionally, there will be group pages and forums for committees, and lots of links to millworking resources.

“I think it needed to be something more than a static website,” said WMA President Joe Bayer of Bayer Built Woodworks, Inc. “We needed more interactivity to bring more of our members together to share more information. It’ll be a huge improvement going forward. There’s a lot of excitement around it, especially with the new name change.”

“It’s going to be a one-stop shop for information for the millworking industry,” said WMA CEO Rosalie Leone.

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