A new study from The Farnsworth Group, a firm specializing in custom market research for the hardware, home improvement, construction and building material industries, reveals that most builders, architects, remodelers and specialty trade professionals buy  products related to their work online.

The study found that 76 percent of home improvement professionals purchased home improvement or construction products online within the past 12 months. Additionally, 40 percent of those are buying products online at least once a month.

The study also found that professionals are most often seeking product information when they go online, followed by prices, specific products, reviews and in-store availability. Manufacturers’ websites lead the way at 89 percent, and websites for home improvement stores were visited by 75 percent of pros.

“This study underscores the importance of having a sound strategy for reaching home improvement professionals online,” said Brad Farnsworth, president and CEO of The Farnsworth Group, in a statement. “Having data that is both industry and category-specific will help retailers and manufacturers understand their customers’ online purchasing tendencies and do business more effectively and efficiently.”

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