Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate to meet lots of salespeople and business owners. I think it’s safe to say that in 25 years, I’ve presented to thousands of salespeople and hundreds of businesses. Though I was considered the trainer in those presentations, it was not uncommon for me to learn from my trainees.

After a recent product training presentation, a younger/rookie salesperson came up to me and asked what it takes to succeed in sales.

I’m not sure if he asked me because he thought I knew what I was talking about, or because my gray and receding hair gave him the impression that I might have some wisdom. Either way, I appreciated the question as this fella really seemed interested in knowing the “secret sauce.”

My answer went something like this: “We’ve all heard that there’s a fine line between being great and just being mediocre. But how do you make sure you’re leaning toward being great? Discipline, in my humble opinion, is the ‘secret.’ To me, discipline is doing all the things that aren’t necessarily difficult but are those things that you could easily say, ‘I’ll get to that tomorrow.’ ”

Some of those tasks for me include:

  • When I leave a voice message for a customer, I always end by saying, “You’re the customer. My job is to get in front of you. Feel free to call me back, but I will keep trying until I reach you.”;
  • Practicing and preparing for the day: Am I doing a presentation? Am I ready for it? Do I have a list of questions ready? Have I researched my prospect or client via Facebook, LinkedIn or Google?;
  • Putting together “To-Do Lists” or “Task Lists” the night before; and
  • Being an active listener during the day—not an active talker.

As I said, these are just some examples. I’m sure collectively we could come up with a much larger list. I’m curious: I would love to hear what your top four or five “discipline items” are. Mark them down in the comment section below—let’s build a top 10 list together.

Thanks and great selling!

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