For the fourth year in a row, central New Jersey home remodeling contractor Somerville Aluminum has been named a Platinum Dealer by Ohio-based door manufacturer ProVia.

This performance-based recognition program honors those door replacement contractors who have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to selling and installing the company’s products.

“It is easy to stand behind products that we believe in,” says Frank Herbert, vice president of production at Somerville Aluminum. “ProVia’s craftsmanship is second to none with a product line to satisfy every style and budget- all backed by a lifetime warranty.”

“Somerville Aluminum has been a customer of ProVia’s for many years,” says Provia door and window brand manager Wanda Angel. “We enjoy having a strong partnership with them and are always encouraged by their enthusiasm and dedication to our products. Their new showroom is an outstanding example of their partnership and commitment to providing their customers with exceptional service. We congratulate them and wish them a prosperous year.”



  1. I’m curious as to why you don’t give us the web addresses of the companies you mention in these announcments. The announcments are invariably favorable, so I think the companies would welcome the additional website visits.

  2. Thank you for your comment, and thanks for reminding us that we’re not consistent in doing this. I’ve added links to this announcement, and we’ll try to be more diligent going forward. Thanks again!

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