Polish chemical company Kadmar, which offers a complete range of sealants, officially joined the Fenzi Group on March 1.

“The Kadmar manufacturing plant is very efficient, well organized and productive, and its coatings are competitive,” says Fenzi CEO Alessandro Fenzi. “From a chemical standpoint, the company’s products are appealing. I see great potential for development within our group and the Glass Alliance network.”

Andrzej Konieczny, president of Kadmar, says joining forces with IG sealant producer Fenzi ensures the company will benefit from long-term production and sales development. Meanwhile, the move adds a new production and sales unit for the Glass Alliance network, comprised of Fenzi, Alu-Pro and Rolltech.

“With a total of 10 manufacturing units globally, two of which (Alupro Polska and Kadmar) are in Poland, the Glass Alliance further strengthens its product range with an even more complete array of insulating glass sealants,” reads a release.

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