Over the past several months, I’ve dedicated a few posts to the emergence of energy-conscious homebuilders. Like all businesses, builders are seeking points of differentiation. At the same time, they are trying to wrap their minds around the evolution of consumer preferences and the highly technical world of energy-efficient building technologies.

As a result, many builders are craving education that will help them have meaningful dialogue with potential homebuyers – and the DOE is delivering.

I was particularly impressed by a recent webinar I attended: High-Performance Home Sales Training Part 1. What I liked most about it was the discussion on translating complicated building terminology into something that’s consumer-friendly, as well as understanding what is truly important to today’s homebuyers. Check it out, if you haven’t already.

Another great example from the DOE is the Building America website, which houses a plethora of tools that feature easily-digestible information on key construction products and practices that go into creating a Zero Energy Rated Home (ZERH).

While builders and sales people working in new construction are the target audience for many of these tools and discussions, I believe they are also helpful to us as fenestration professionals. According to the Department of Energy, 42 U.S. states have more than 40 builders at are signed up to build ZERH—and the numbers are trending upward.

The View from Here is that to seize emerging opportunities to sell energy-efficient products into new construction, we first need to understand the challenges and opportunities the builder audience faces. Reviewing the information provided by the DOE is an excellent first step as you build a prospectus around window products – and as you prepare to talk to this new class of homebuilders.

If you have not yet signed up for updates from the Building Technologies Office (BTO), I encourage you to do so to keep up on funding and educational opportunities from the DOE, including Part 2 of the webinar mentioned earlier.

What’s your view? Email me directly at eric.jackson@quanex.com.

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