Welcome to Part 2 of learning how to lengthen your days. In Part 1, we laid out various types of people and their time management issues. Now we want to get into some more detail and answer one of the questions that were raised in our “meeting.”

First, what are the three major causes of procrastination?

  1. Things are unpleasant.
  2. Things are difficult.
  3. Things involve tough decisions.

Procrastination may be defined as doing low-priority actions instead of high-priority ones, like straightening your desk when you have a deadline for a report. On a personal level, it may be watching television when you had planned to exercise. Do you ever call a friendly client when you have one that may be unpleasant that needs your time more? That’s procrastination.

From an emotional level, we try to keep busy so that we have an excuse that will ease our consciences. Sadly, we’ve all done it, and some of us might even be doing it right now. The funny thing about procrastination is that when you put off an unpleasant, difficult or tough task, it is still there after you are done procrastinating and is usually more of a burden now than if you had done it earlier.

Do yourself a favor and don’t defend your procrastination. Admit to it and change it. Then, the next best thing is to tell someone that you trust about your procrastination problem. It’s one thing to admit it to yourself, but it’s a completely different thing when you admit it to another person. Find someone that you can check in with and will check in with you to monitor your progress. Remember, it takes 28 days to change a habit, so this will take some work on your part.

It may help to do the toughest job of the day first. If you struggle with this, then at least do a small task that gets you going in the right direction.

I also recommend that you:

  • Commit yourself to action;
  • Set deadlines for yourself;
  • Promise results to others;
  • Analyze what causes you to put things off; and
  • Promise yourself a reward when you complete a difficult task.

Procrastination can be a funny thing to some people and a painful thing to others. I see people all the time that have the neatest desk, yet have big projects looming over them that they’ve been putting off. I have a five-step action plan to help with this. Just email me at dave@positivepolarity.com and I will send it to you as a gift. Don’t procrastinate!

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