There’s always something exciting about new things. That’s the case for WTS Paradigm and its new headquarters.

“It was done in a way that gives us a good balance of work and fun,” one employee says. “I feel like it is a much better expression of who we have working for us and what we value as a company. Definitely a building that we can all be proud of.”

Here's a look at the new WTS headquarters.
Here’s a look at the new WTS headquarters.

Located in Middleton, Wis., the new building fulfills a 15-year-old dream for CEO Nate Herbst.  “We wanted a space that captures the spirit of WTS Paradigm: fun, intelligent, and linked to the building industry,” he says, explaining that company employees were integral in the design and function of the new location. “Throughout every phase we gathered employee feedback, as I really wanted this space to resonate with all employees, so we used surveys, idea boards and Pinterest and hosted several tours while under construction, to make sure that it captured what it means to work at WTS Paradigm. In the end, I feel like our team of designers and architects nailed it.”

Part of the “fun” design elements include a 20-foot-long concrete breakfast bar for enhancing employee collaboration — or simply just for eating lunch.  Massive LCD televisions and laser projectors provide industry news, company announcements and upcoming events. Hardware forged from pipes used at Cave of the Mounds, a natural landmark in Blue Mounds, Wis., sets off the doors, made of sturdy antique hemlock boards that likely supported the roofs at the decommissioned Badger Ammunition Plant in Baraboo, Wis., which was the largest munitions factory in the world when it opened in 1942. Conference rooms, with employee-picked themes such as Legoland, the Hall of Justice and Narnia, cater to the team’s fun-loving nature. A selection of very special windows and doors, generously donated by WTS Paradigm’s partners, complete the space.

The beauty, connectivity and attention to detail are reflected on every surface. Some staff favorites include the walls coated in bright dry erase paint, gorgeous subway tiles, deep cement-cast sinks, raw lighting conjuring steampunk elements, white-noise generators and exposed ceilings towering 25 feet overhead.
But what really stands out is a sense of pride in the building. “I love overhearing how proud everyone is of the new space,” says Herbst. “This is something that I want to share.”

With space to expand, the new home for WTS Paradigm can keep up with the growing company for many years to come.


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