An architect’s “dream home” recently earned a LEED Platinum for Homes status—partly due to its choice in windows.

Moreland on Trapp, located in Miami, Fla., is the first single-family home in the Miami area to receive the award.

Moreland Trapp home in Miami, Fla.
Architect Randall Moreland’s home in Miami, Fla.

Architect Randall Moreland designed the home—which also happens to be his—with the intent to live in it forever. The biggest challenge he faced was balancing his desire for sustainability with the need for a durable structure that can stand up to hurricanes.

But somehow he did it. The 3,400-square-foot property is net zero, and the house is projected net zero electricity. Built in the Florida vernacular style, the house employs several tools that work together to create a natural air conditioning effect, including operable, impact-resistant windows, vaulted ceilings and high-volume/low-speed fans.

Moreland went with CGI Windows and Doors, a Miami-based manufacturer, for the home’s exterior needs and chose a mix of awning, casement and slider profiles.

“Natural ventilation was key, so we chose windows and doors that moved and opened,” Moreland says. “The result was perfect; we know these products are strong, they had the low-E coating we desired, and they look wonderful.”

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