The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) not only wants Americans to improve their home’s efficiency but has designed a new tool to help them do it.

The agency has introduced Home Advisor, an online tool designed to help Americans save money and energy. Home Advisor guides the homeowner through a “do-it-yourself” energy assessment to create a home profile. Based on the profile, the program provides customized, prioritized recommendations for improvements. From these recommendations, users can create their own to-do lists of projects such as adding insulation to the attic or replacing an HVAC air filter.

“As we enter the winter months, homeowners can use our new Energy Star Home Advisor to increase energy efficiency and save money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions that fuel climate change,” says EPA administrator Gina McCarthy. “When homeowners take advantage of this important tool and increase the energy efficiency of their homes, many families will notice savings on energy bills and improvements in the comfort of their homes.”

Over time, the program gives users the opportunity to update their home profiles as they make improvements, see the positive environmental impacts of the changes they’ve made, get additional recommendations and update their “to-do” lists for future projects.

For more on the Home Advisor, click here.


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