At industry events in 2014, several company officials told DWM they had a good year. Now it’s time to make 2015 a great one.

At Fenestration Day, Joe Talmon, a 29-year home improvement veteran, will teach a seminar entitled “Going From Good To Great in 2015.” The seminar is based on changing current mindsets, which will in turn change results.

Joe Talman will help take your business "from good to great" at Fenestration Day.
Joe Talman will help take your business “from good to great” at Fenestration Day.

Talmon will present ideas and best practices that are making the differences in growing and profitable organizations. He’s known for taking the complex and making it simple and believes there’s never a bad day for a good idea. He brings both depth and humor to all his presentations.

After 24 years as one of the founders of a specialty home improvement company, Talmon joined Dave Yoho Associates, one of the oldest consulting firms working with the home improvement industry. He works with small-, medium- and large-size home improvement companies, as well as manufacturers and distributers, developing successful strategies for growth and profits.

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