Have you seen the car insurance commercial? Three elderly ladies are in Beatrice’s living room and Beatrice is so happy she doesn’t have to mail her vacation photos anymore, she just posts them to her living room wall. It’s so quick! When her visitor points out that’s not how it works, Beatrice unfriends her. It’s a funny commercial, but should make you wonder if the Internet is working for your business, or are you just as clueless as Beatrice.

In my mind, the Internet helps me grow my business. Each and every new twist added to the Internet is a new way for me to market to my audience, brand my business, communicate, generate leads and close sales. Let’s start with the basics…

These are the tools the Internet makes available for us to grow our business:

  • Website
  • Email
  • Social Media

When our websites, emails and social media pages work, our business can use the Internet to:

  • Brand
  • Market
  • Educate
  • Create Emotion
  • Build Trust
  • Communicate
  • Generate Leads
  • Close Sales

Here are some ways all three Internet options can help expand your business.


Every business must have an Internet presence and that presence starts with a website. A business’s website must have as its ultimate goal to increase the sale of our goods and services. If we can agree that is our goal, then our website should talk directly to our potential customer about the products and services we offer. That means we need to identify our target customers and then build a website that speaks to them and prompts them to take the next steps toward the sales conversion process. To generate leads and contacts, our website must:

  • Educate visitors about solutions to their problems.
  • Evoke emotion in visitors to desire products and services.
  • Ultimately build trust with visitors and get them to contact your company or enter their contact information.


The website allows (encourages) potential clients to contact your company or give you their contact information. Email communication is another vital tool because it allows businesses to talk back and forth with clients. It’s also an easy way to communicate! I even have templates for oft-repeated emails and as of today, I have more than 100 email templates. There are options to have their subjects say “Confirming our Appointment,” “Here is Your Contract” and “Thank you.” (I believe thanking clients is so important I have 23 different “Thank You” email templates.) It is important to capture email addresses from clients and potential clients and stay in constant contact with them. Communicating properly with them by email can generate sales, leads, payment, repeat business, reviews, testimonials and even referrals.

Social Media

Social media is the broad term given to the different ways we can socialize with one another on the Internet. Social media sites important to the door and window industry include Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Houzz. It may be important to have accounts with all of these, but Facebook is a good starting point to reach the end consumer. Facebook is the site that Beatrice (remember her) is doing wrong on the insurance commercial, and so are most of us in business. The site isn’t just for kids, but a place where an enormous amount of people, many of them homeowners in need of doors and windows, go every day to share photos, videos and comments about their life. They visit Facebook throughout the day to get news about their friends and causes that are important to them. A Facebook business page that is properly set up and managed well will allow you to brand your business, market your goods and services and create leads that become sales.

Those are the very basics of how the Internet works for business. Here is a link to see Beatrice and her friends:

PS… I recently wrote a blog post here that compared the business website to the Emerald Palace in the Wizard of Oz. You can read that article by clicking this link: “The Wizard of .com.”


  1. Excellent blog Mark! You are dead on about first identifying TARGET customers and then building the website around attracting that particular audience…much more effective than a shot gun approach!

  2. Thanks Jim. I think you’re right. Identify your TARGET and your website can take aim and capture leads… Websites that talk about the business may boost egos, but websites that talk to the target can boost sales!

  3. Another poignant post Mark. Very insightful review that spells it out very simply how to position your website and electronic marketing. Thank you!

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