Some people sleep on the job, others steal.

A repairman of Rivertown Window in Caledonia, Mich., will soon be sentenced for stealing jewelry worth around $10,000 from a woman’s bedroom last July.

As soon as the police brought him here, he was fired on the spot,” said Pat Strzelecki, owner.

“It was a total shock. I never had any problems with the employee or nothing. Nothing came up on the background check. He’d worked with us for year and I never had any complaints—in fact, everybody loved him. We were devastated for weeks,” he said.

According to the report, the woman contacted police after noticing several pieces of her jewelry missing, including a diamond ring and gold necklaces. A man, identified as Larry Joseph Deleon, had been installing replacement windows earlier that day.

Deputies returned the next morning to wait for the repairman, who reportedly gave consent for his vehicle to be searched. Inside was a Gucci watch he said had been purchased on Craigslist, according to court records, but later admitted to stealing the watch from the victim’s home along with the other jewelry.

He pleaded to one count theft from a building. As part of a plea agreement, prosecutors are expected to recommend time in the county jail as part of sentencing. Deleon would need to pay $12,500 in restitution.

Records show Deleon traded in the jewelry, worth thousands of dollars, for a $390 check and $60 in cash.

DWM reached out to Rivertown Window for comment and as of press time, the company did not respond.

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