The midterm elections are finally over. Whether you like politics are not, one thing you have to say is politicians know how to advertise. The TV commercials, the direct mail pieces, radio spots, phone calls, yard signs, canvassers and social media placement – they have their signature and brand everywhere and certainly in front of their ‘target’ audience.

Political campaigns have certainly evolved over the years. They are much more targeted and have evolved into new mediums like social media. Let’s face it, they also have the “treasure chest” of money to spend for their campaigns, not to mention the assistance they receive from PAC groups, etc. with commercials and advertising of their own.

Although our businesses don’t have unlimited funds to spend on advertising and we also have to produce some sort of ROI with our advertising spends, we certainly can grab different ideas from these campaigns.

Social Media has really been a boom for campaigns and for the home improvement industry. With Facebook, your company now can target advertise around jobs you are currently working on—all for pennies instead of dollars. Direct mail has also made a comeback. As long as you purchase at the right place, your ROI on direct mail can be fantastic. Many companies are tying social media with direct mail and having great results.

Finally, this year has really shaped up into a solid growth year for many home improvement companies. And next year looks even better. Where you invest and how much you invest may be the different between next year being a good year or a great one.

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to get in touch with me. Otherwise, I always appreciate the comments you leave.

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  1. You are so right! The Election Campaign and the Advertising Campaign have so much in common.
    I recently offerred my showroom as a campaign headquarters and my office manager’s time as campaign chairman for a hotly contested PA House seat. I believed the candidate and so did others.
    The Race was a thing of beauty.
    Starting with canvassing and continuing with direct mail, yard signs, billboards, TV spots and social media, with a lot of networking at public events thrown in for good measure. All of this marketing was specifically timed to culminate on Election Day.
    The candidate I supported was the better qualified. He had a long track record of community service. I know him to have a strong moral compass, high level of integrity and an honest desire to improve his community.
    For all of those reasons he should have won the Race and he did win but if he had not campaigned so hard wiuld he have won?
    If he just counted on people to vote for him and not worked to win their vote, he probably would have lost…
    No matter how good, honest and high quality our products and services, we as a business also mhst remind, promote and differentiate ourselves from other candidates for the end consumers’ confidence. We have to campaign for their vote when it is time to elect the product and installer for new windows and doors. We have to ask for their vote.
    If we don’t, we may be surprised when we lose business to competition who – if the customer only knew- we are better than.

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