The 2013 Door and Window Industry Benchmark Survey has been completed and the survey results are now available anyone interested in purchasing them. For an investment of $390, interested parties will gain access to a wide variety of information that will be of use to managers and owners door and/or window manufacturers as well as to capital providers and procurers. A wide spectrum of companies submitted data for the survey—ranging in size from a few million to $400 million in revenue and generate just over $1 billion in total revenue. The publicly traded comparable companies that are included generate an additional $3.7 billion in revenue.

The DWM/BIA Benchmark Survey was administered by Michael Collins, partner, Building Industry Advisors, and the results contain a full financial analysis (income statement and balance sheet), along with lead time information, worker productivity statistics and a discussion of marketing practices as well as many other indices. Areas of concern that will require action in the year ahead are also included. The survey is meant to provide key data people can use to make decisions about the best path to take in the current market environment.

To purchase the Survey results, please visit the following website for DWM magazine:


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