The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) will wrap up voting for the 2015 USGBC Board of Directors Friday, and one member of the glass industry hopes to make the cut.

Brandon Tinianov, senior director of business development at dynamic glass manufacturer View, is on the ballot.

If elected, Tinianov would be the only fenestration professional on the national organization representing the industry’s interests—an important factor given the role glass and fenestration plays in the green building sector. Tinianov is also confident his experience across many sectors makes him a great fit for the Board.

“The USGBC aspirations for environmental and social reform are very closely aligned with my own passions,” Tinianov wrote in a LinkedIn post earlier this month. “My attention, energy and sustainability focus are motivated by my ability to positively impact green buildings and communities.”

Tinianov co-founded the USGBC’s Silicon Valley branch in 2008 and joined the Northern California Chapter Board of Directors in 2010, serving as its secretary, vice-chair and twice as its chairman. He’s been with View since 2012, and his experience in the building sector ranges well over two decades.

“My experience spans various industries and users,” he says. “I’ve worked closely with national labs, standards bodies, legislators on Capitol Hill, private developers, and building experts to advance materials science and high-performance buildings.

“Sometimes the answer is a new material, other times the goal is policy reform, but a successful solution is always a direct result of thoughtful collaboration. I have been tested and proven in these instances and understand both sides,” he continues. “This is the key to solving age-old tensions: finding ways for diverse stakeholders to effectively work together. USGBC needs this leadership and balanced approach going forward.”

Read Tinianov’s posts on his candidacy here and here.

The candidates for the ongoing election are listed here, and USGBC members can vote here. Voting began October 1 and ends Friday.

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