As the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches on October 29, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) has issued an advisory to residents in affected areas to rebuild and repair their communities, homes and businesses to be stronger and more hurricane-resistant.

IBHS recommends specific guidelines for “Rebuilding and Repairing Safer and Stronger Post-Sandy,” which focus on several components, including well-protected doors and windows with impact-resistant glass or shutters.

Additionally, the report calls for strong roofs, elevation in flood risk areas, and buildings tied together with hurricane straps to reduce the risk of high winds tearing them apart.

“While the affected communities have made great progress during the last two years, we must be careful not to lose momentum as the memory of this storm fades,” says Julie Rochman, president and CEO of IBHS. “We must rebuild stronger, more resilient communities – building back the same way in the same places is not an option.”

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