Everyone in the replacement window industry owes a huge debt of gratitude to Andersen for promoting the need to replace windows to homeowners … and for raising the expectation of the price homeowners should pay for new windows.

Over the past few years Andersen has gone on a marketing rampage to promote “Renewal by Andersen” windows. They have paid both Kmart and Wal-Mart to allow their representatives to wander the floors and get leads from shoppers. They have canvassed neighborhoods performing free energy audits. They have advertised on television and radio. And their advertising has paid off. How do I know?

Although I’m not seeing the Renewal by Andersen signs in the front yards of homes in my area, I’m getting new customers from people who Andersen has contacted. Last week alone, three homeowners purchased windows from me – after canceling their Andersen Window purchase … And that is the first reason I have to be grateful to Andersen.

I’ve had past clients call me after answering a knock on the door from an Andersen rep that performed an “Energy Audit” with results showing they need windows. I’ve met new clients who sat through the Andersen in-home sales presentations and wanted to know how my windows compared in price and quality.

Why did these Andersen leads become my clients? They compared product, installation and price and determined my offer to be a better value.

We all have our own reasons for believing our products and installation are the best and different ways of proving that to the consumer. I rely heavily on the door and window industry standardized testing programs to allow potential clients to compare product on a level playing field. These include: NFRC Energy Star labels and DP Ratings.

Although these standardized tests and ratings can be confusing they will easily allow a homeowner to compare so many of the important things homeowners buy new windows for:

  • Insulating value;
  • Lower air conditioning costs;
  • Resistance to air infiltration;
  • Resistance to water penetration; and
  • Resistance to forced break-in and entry.

Most homeowners find these measurements more important than the “weight” of the window itself, which seems to be a big selling point for Andersen.

I also have a long track record of installation with a long list of satisfied homeowners. I can send potential clients to past clients’ homes and they can see window installations that are 20 years old with their own eyes. They can check with those homeowners for the quality of my installation craftsmanship and how I service what I install. Andersen is just beginning to install product on the end consumers’ homes and that seems to be a sticking point with some.

But there is another reason I have to thank Andersen. Consumers are showing me contracts where the Renewal by Andersen window is averaging about $2,000 per window to replace a typical wood double-hung window. That certainly raises the price expectation for most homeowners. For that, I am also thankful. Now, homeowners are pleasantly surprised when they can have my windows installed for less than half the price of Andersen – with R-5 insulation value, DP-55 Rating, credible lifetime warranty and self-cleaning glass.

All I can say is thank you, Andersen. Thank you for promoting the need for high-efficiency windows to the American homeowner. And thank you for raising their price expectations to purchase the best window value.

P.S. Back in August of 2012, I wrote another blog post on this website about Andersen and their new direct-to-the-consumer window program. To go back in time and find out what I thought then, click here.


  1. Thanks for the comic relief.

  2. Al Godfrey, I tried to make this topic fun to read about, but it is a serious subject.

    I’ve found when virtually anyone drives consumer interest for a product or service I also offer I can either benefit – or not. As an example, SunSetter awnings began to offer a motorized retractable awning directly to the end consumer as a low cost alternative to professionally installed awnings. They have driven consumer awareness and most clients can understand the quality differences between products. Some in the awning industry complain SunSetter drives prices down. Others are grateful they are spending money to raise consumer awareness of the best kept secret in outdoor living. At least Renewal by Andersen is not underpricing. They are elevating price expectations and helping us to raise prices as well.

    Here are the questions I think we each have to answer for ourselves – “Is Andersen’s huge marketing investment growing or shrinking my business?” and “Will I follow their lead and offer a similar product?”

  3. Yeah, I wish they would go after my commercial accounts, hehe!

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