If you only read one of my blog posts this year, I hope it’s this one. Discussions about Energy Star® Version 7.0 – yes, 7.0 – are kicking off in December and now is the time to get involved if you want to protect the interests of your company and our industry.

Many lessons were learned in the long and often arduous process of developing Energy Star Version 6.0 for windows, doors and skylights, which will finally go into effect January 2015 for most zones and January 2016 for the Northern Zone. It has taken nearly four and a half years for us to get to this point with various iterations and much debate around the meaning of cost effectiveness.

Even today, some confusion remains. But the bottom line is if you want to continue using the Energy Star label and/or marketing Energy Star compliance in 2015 and 2016 (depending where you sell), you must meet the criteria outlined in Version 6.0. It’s in the history books and it’s time to prepare for what’s next.

Version 7.0: A New Beginning

As we move forward with Version 7.0, we have a clean slate and a fresh opportunity to participate. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is determined to streamline the process and get your input every step of the way. Waiting until the last minute to voice concerns will not do anyone any good. Getting in at the ground level is essential.

On December 12 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern, the EPA is holding the first stakeholder meeting regarding ENERGY STAR Version 7.0. For your convenience and to encourage your early input, the EPA is providing two options for you to participate:

In Person – The event will be held at the EPA headquarters at 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20460. Seating is limited to 150, so email windows@energystar.gov with your intention to attend in person.

By Webinar – If you cannot spare the time or expense to travel to Washington, D.C., you can also register to attend via webinar by emailing windows@energystar.gov.

A detailed agenda is forthcoming (in early November, according to the EPA), but we know the purpose of the meeting is to review the Energy Star specification revision process and to discuss opportunities to improve future specification revisions, including Version 7.0. The EPA will ask for stakeholder feedback regarding data sources, methodologies, cost effectiveness, process transparency and technical advantages.

You’ll also have an opportunity to provide written feedback and concerns coming from the meeting.


The View from Here is that THE TIME IS NOW to put your stamp on our future. Together we can develop a specification that balances everyone’s needs and desires. Don’t let the opportunity pass to be part of the solution.


Please email me at eric.jackson@quanex.com with any questions or contact the EPA at windows@energystar.gov.











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