When labeling fenestration, make sure you’re doing it right, particularly when it comes to mullions. This is according to Fenestration Canada (FC) technical consultant Jeff Baker, who reviewed North America Fenestration Standard’s (NAFS) labeling guidelines with mullions during a recent FC webinar.

To start off, Baker made clear that air-water-structural performance ratings of products with mullions must be based on the tested performance with mullions. “It’s not permissible to test only a single operator type and apply these ratings containing more than one operator type altogether,” Baker said. “This practice is not supported by NAFS at all.”

The first labeling guideline Baker addressed was that of composite unit products. According to Baker, “composite unit products must be labeled with overall performance rating that is based on testing of complete units.”

Secondly, labeling of combination assembly products was talked about. For such, there are four labeling options, pictured below.


Courtesy: Fenestration Canada
Photo courtesy of Fenestration Canada

Along with covering the labeling guidelines, Baker mentioned that all labeling guidelines were available to the public here.

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