Fall is here. Students are back in school. It’s time for door and window specialists to take homeowners to school and teach them about the door and window replacement project, too. I have said before, “The educated consumer is my best friend.” The successful door and window specialist knows that educating the consumer leads to more satisfied clientele and separates the professional from competitors who choose not to do so.

Teaching prospective buyers about their choices and how to compare doors and windows doesn’t necessarily mean homeowners will buy the best, but it certainly gives them a better chance to make the right decisions for themselves. Often that decision is to purchase enhanced doors and windows with higher energy efficiency, better weather resistance, safer security, a credible lifetime warranty, professional installation and more options and features. The educated buyer knows a better window purchase will give them the benefits of a superior experience with better energy savings, security, weather resistance, appearance and value – even though it may cost more to purchase.

The ability to teach the consumer starts with becoming thoroughly knowledgeable about the door and window products available and the methods to compare available products on a level playing field. The ability to share that knowledge in a way that is beneficial to others is the sign of a true expert.

As a school student I had teachers who bored me to death teaching subjects I liked and other teachers who made subjects I didn’t like come to life. As a door and window teacher, I try to make my explanations come to life for my students, the homeowners. Teaching my client what they should know becomes part of a larger natural conversation I have at the kitchen table or in my showroom with my future client.

When we are good teachers, our students will learn to make the best door and window choice. That educated consumer is less likely to select based on price alone. They will be forced to consider the offerings of experts who enter into business to offer the best value, not just the lowest price.

“Those who can’t teach can’t sell anything but price!”

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